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skill level reference guide


use this guide to help you 
determine your skill level!



As in, brand new to the sewing world.  Welcome!

Garments & Quilting: You've never touched a sewing machine before, but you want to try, learn, or even just for the heck of it, why not? We want you to fall in love with sewing that we supply the machines, tools and gadgets so you wouldn't have to by yours right away. 🥰

Garments: You’ve made simple things like gathered skirts, tote bags & pillow cases in woven fabrics. You’re starting to get comfortable with your sewing machine or simply have taken our Bootcamp: Intro to Sewing or Basics of the Basics

Quilting: You are comfortable with a rotary cutter and can sew a straight line with your sewing machine, however, you’ve never made a quilt and want to learn the basics.


Garments: You’ve made a few garments in woven fabric following a sewing pattern.   Maybe projects that didn’t have too many pieces and seams. You’re still a bit challenged with set-in sleeves, neckbands, cuffs, etc.

Quilting:  You’ve made a quilt or two, but would like to improve on your process and the various steps in quilt-making (piecing, sandwiching, binding and quilting). 

Garments: Beginner & confident beginner patterns are easy to sew for you. You sometimes can hack patterns to follow your heart. 

You’ve been successful inserting sleeves, zippers (even invisible), pockets and interfacing but still have to read instructions thoroughly.

Quilting:  You’ve made several quilts and are comfortable with each step of making a quilt. You are ready to learn how to make a new quilt block or learn a new quilting technique. 


Garments: You can say: “I can sew this with my eyes closed!” You don’t have a problem putting together projects with small pieces.  There are patterns that you need not to read through anymore.  You are very independent but still like a great challenge. 

Quilting: You have made oodles of quilts and can follow any pattern. Maybe you’ve even designed a quilt or two on your own. You are independent, but love a great challenge and trying your hand at complicated quilts.

If you think one-on-one instruction is best for you, please navigate to our private lessons

please take the time to review our *class policy* before registering for class

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