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These limited edition Janome Cherry Blossom Bobbins were created to mark the 90th anniversary of Janome’s primary factory in Japan. These Janome Cherry Blossom Bobbins comes with twenty five pink special purpose “Janome J bobbins” and is packaged in a Janome brand cherry blossom motif organizer for easy carrying and storage. The Janome J bobbin in Janome Cherry Blossom Bobbins with Case is made of a special composition of rubber and plastic allowing them to better hold threads, absorb machine vibration and reduce noise. Janome J bobbins fit all standard Janome sewing machines, except the MB4 and 1600 series machines.

Janome Pink Bobbins case w/ 25 Bobbins

$36.80 Regular Price
$31.99Sale Price
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