Saturday, September 21, 2019





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Perfect for Beginners and "Begin-Agains" :-)


Because you only have a day to spare to get a jumpstart on sewing.  Our most popular workshop was able to squeeze in our calendar!!!! Learn the basics and beyond! Patterns (Selection, Reading, Sizing and Understanding), Guide Sheets, Tissues, Pinning, Cutting, Fabric Layout, Marking, Sewing, Hemming and Sew Much More by making Lounge Pants by Simplicity!

Minimum of 3 to start a class.  So grab a friend :-) 

Cost includes the Sewing Pattern, Fabrics and Notions for the project.


Bootcamp: Intro to Sewing

  • Class fees are NON-refundable.

    Please check your calendar carefully before committing to a class enrollment.

    We appreciate as much notice as possible for cancellations. Cancellations must be made no later than 3 business days (Business Days, in this instance, please refer to our studio hours.) BEFORE the date of your class*, in order to maintain a class credit.

    Failure to do so means forfeiture of your class fee. If arrangements are made before the deadline, students may transfer fees, as a credit, to another class (subject to availability) or maintain a credit to use toward a future enrollment. There are no make-up classes for any classes missed. If you miss one class in a series you may not be able to continue with the series without first scheduling a private lesson ($75 per hour) to get caught up. Please keep in mind that Private Lessons are not always available. 

  • ABSOLUTE BEGINNER : As in, brand new to the sewing world. Welcome!

    You’ve made simple things like gathered skirts, tote bags & pillow cases in woven fabrics. You’re starting to get comfortable with your sewing machine or simply have taken our Bootcamp: Intro to Sewing or Basics of the Basics

    You’ve made a few garments in woven fabric following a sewing pattern. Maybe projects that didn’t have too many pieces and seams. You’re still a bit challenged with set-in sleeves, neckbands, cuffs, etc.

    Beginner & confident beginner patterns are easy to sew for you. You sometimes can hack patterns to follow your heart.
    You’ve been successful inserting sleeves, zippers (even invisible), pockets and interfacing but still have to read instructions thoroughly.

    You can say: “I can sew this with my eyes closed!” You don’t have a problem putting together projects with small pieces. There are patterns that you need not to read through anymore. You are very independent but still like a great challenge.