Refresh your Sewing Room

As we all do our part during this pandemic by staying home to help flatten the curve, there is no better time but now to refresh our sewing rooms. It may or not be your priority, but if you get the chance, below are some suggestions on how to get started. I promise that creativity and inspiration will just flowwwww.......

· Take a "before" picture. Trust me, you'd regret if you won't. LoL.

· Prepare 4 empty boxes and label each with: To throw, To donate, To recycle. 4th one can be a paper bag, I'll tell you what it's for later. The ones you're keeping are to go straight to their respective container, shelf, places.

· If you're like me, you probably have random stuff laying around your sewing machine. Start with sorting them out using the boxes I mentioned above. I repeat, the ones you are keeping are going straight to their respective places.

· Throw out your old pins. Get a new set (or upgrade to the cool ones, if able.)

· Replace blades on your rotary cutters.

· Schedule sharpening of your scissors. I trust that you have purchased the best your budget can afford. If not, perhaps time to consider investing in one?

· Threads. Are they worth keeping? If they are from your Grandma's sewing cookie tin cans, time to toss. Or, if hoarding really is still your thing, set them aside to be used for tailor tackings. I won't judge.

· Call your favorite dealer (is that us?) and schedule a spa day for your sewing machine/serger. If you have been getting wonky stitches lately, it's likely they are due for one. Try to take care of your babies this way at least once a year.

· Test your fabric markers, pens and toss the old ones

· Sewing machine needles. Each is only good for 8 hours of total sewing. Organize them by size and purpose. Here's al ink to a cute pincushion sewing tut....

· Organize your sewing patterns. When I did mine I found tons that I said I wanted to make for my eldest daughter when she was 6 years old (Lizzie McGuire ones)... yeah, she is turning 21 😏

· This I save for last, FABRIC SCRAPS. If you also quilt, see if those scraps can still give you at least 2.5" squares. If not, this is what the 4th box/paper bag is for.... all hopeless sizes are to go to a textile recycling box. You can google to find the ones nearest you.

· FINALLY, grab a glass of wine and take your "AFTER" picture. I promise you. It will just flow ❤️❤️❤️

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