Tuition and Policy

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Precious Lopez, LLC DBA Sew Magarbo may change or update these policies as needed. Please refer to our website ( or office announcements for updates. Enrolling/Registering is an acknowledge that you have read and understood the information contained herein and agree to adhere to such terms. 


Class fees are NON-refundable.

Please check your calendar carefully before committing to a class enrollment.

We appreciate as much notice as possible for cancellations. Cancellations must be made no later than 3 business days (Business Days, in this instance, refer to the hours that we are in the office, administratively speaking, managing class enrollments. Specifically, Tuesday through Saturday, excluding major holidays, between the hours of 12:00PM and 6:00 PM) BEFORE the date of your class*, in order to maintain a class credit.

Failure to do so means forfeiture of your class fee. If arrangements are made before the deadline, students may transfer fees, as a credit, to another class (subject to availability) or maintain a credit to use toward a future enrollment. There are no make-up classes for any classes missed. If you miss one class in a series you may not be able to continue with the series without first scheduling a private lesson ($60 per hour) to get caught up. Please keep in mind that Private Lessons are not always available. 


* For example, if your class is at 12:30 PM on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday, you must call or send an email to cancel your class by 6pm on the Tuesday before.

We know that's a strict policy, but it helps us get wait-listers into cancelled spots in a timely fashion. We're happy to discuss your dilemma on a case to case basis.

In the unlikely event that class is canceled by Sew Magarbo, you can either opt to keep a credit for a future class with us, or choose to receive a full refund.

Class Arrival/Departure and Duration: Students should arrive NO earlier than 5 minutes prior to their scheduled class times.  *for children-Parents are expected to pick up their child/children promptly. The studio will not be responsible for students once their class is dismissed. However, parents are expected to come in when picking them up. Sew Magarbo Sewing Studio is not responsible for children leaving the property alone to meet parents in the parking lot. 

Class Preparedness: All students are expected to be prepared for every class with their workbook, patterns, and all project materials needed (fabric, notions, including thread).  Unprepared students who come to class without materials will have to work on a small project using supplies from Sew Magarbo Sewing Studio’s stock of fabric and notions.  *for children-The parent will be invoiced a $5.00 flat fee charge for this.  To avoid this charge, please make sure your children come to class prepared with supplies for their projects. The list of materials needed for projects will be given to students prior to commencing a new project. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain this list from the teacher and communicate the details to their parents. We ask that parents support this policy to encourage students to be responsible and prepared.

Supply Purchase: All students are able to purchase fabrics and notions from the Studio store.  Purchases may be selected during class time, as needed, and will be invoiced and charged to your account.  Children must have parent’s permission before selection supplies. Sew Magarbo Sewing Studio will assume all students have permission unless expressly told otherwise.

Class Observation: Sew Magarbo Sewing Studio accepts and encourages independent students.  As such, the sewing and cutting areas are off limits to non-students during class time, including parents.  The presence of others in these areas during class time disturbs and may make them nervous. Unfortunately, we are unable to make exceptions to this policy.  There will be a scheduled observation day during the year. In addition, students will have the opportunity to “walk the runway” at the end of the school year to display their projects and creativity. Further information will be emailed and posted in the studio.

Absences: Only students enrolled in the 10-month program are eligible for make up classes. This is not available to students in the flex month program.  Please know that only missed classes due to sickness and family emergencies will be honored.  Due to our preferred student/teacher ratio, these students may only makeup a maximum of three (3) Hours missed. Credits and/or refunds will be given to ALL students in the rare case that Sew Magarbo Sewing & Creative Arts Studio must cancel a class and a substitute is not available.

Inclement Weather/Emergency Events: Sew Magarbo will follow the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) Inclement Weather and Emergency event policies for closing. There will be no credit or refund for closing during this inclement weather. Sew Magarbo Sewing & Creative Arts Studio reserves the right to decide on any exceptions. please call the studio or check at our website or our Facebook Page: for cancellation updates.